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Beacon will be an app, designed to centralise all forms of mental health support available in the UK, bringing them together under one roof. Mental Health Support Options (MHSO's) is what we are calling them, whether it's a professional, a group, an initiative, an online resource, or any entity designed to enhance a person’s mental wellbeing, we are going to attempt to list it on Beacon.


Through a series of friendly and completely anonymous questions, we can curate a personalised list of support tailored to a person’s specific needs, ensuring they receive the support they require, precisely when and how they need it.

The best part is, it will be entirely FREE to use.

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Furthermore our commitment extends beyond being a go-to resource for discovering the most suitable support for a person’s mental health needs. We are also dedicated to bolstering and supporting MHSO's throughout the UK. Support includes, but goes beyond just financial assistance, it's about forging connections between our generous donors and MHSO's in need of various forms of support.

Beacon, in the palm of your hand will become a lifeline for many, offering right here, right now access to support that’s right for them. Whether you're an individual looking for support for yourself, someone looking for support for another, or an organisation wanting to make mental health a focus, Beacon will be there to guide you every step of the way. 

It's time to kickstart this endeavour and we need you to make it happen. So are you ready? We are! Let's make it happen.

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