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In this policy:


Our Definitions:

  • “The 401 Foundation” or “we”, “our” means The 401 Foundation.

  • The 401 Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales (1175605), as well as a registered company limited by guarantee in England and Wales (10688031). Our registered office address is The 401 Foundation, 9 Biscay Drive, Portishead, North Somerset, BS20 7GY

  • “Website” means any website under the ownership or control of The 401 Foundation from which a link has been created to these terms and conditions and all related domain and microsites;

  • “Material” means all of the information, data, text, graphics, links, or computer code or other material published on, contained or available on the Website; and

  • “Privacy Policy” means our Privacy Policy.




This policy applies to The 401 Foundation and any subsidiary company under its control. 


The 401 Foundation is a charity that aims to build a brighter, more compassionate future where everyone can easily access the mental health support they need.

We are committed to developing and maintaining an organisation in which differing ideas, abilities, backgrounds and needs are fostered and valued.


We recognise that people with different backgrounds, skills, attitudes and experience bring fresh ideas and perceptions and we wish to encourage and harness these differences to make our services more accessible and relevant. We recognise that this will enhance our effectiveness and help us to deliver our mission. The 401 Foundation will aim to foster a supportive and inclusive culture for:


  • All those who use our services

  • Our volunteers

  • Our staff

  • Other stakeholders 



The purpose of this policy is to guide staff, volunteers and trustees in all their work including overseeing work carried out by others (such as partners and suppliers) on our behalf in all aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion.


The 401 Foundation is committed to ensuring that no job applicant, volunteer, staff member or beneficiary is discriminated against directly, indirectly, by association or perception because of disability, gender (including transgender/ gender reassignment), race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, marital status or civil partnership, responsibility for dependents, sexuality, pregnancy or maternity, age, trade union activity, political or religious, agnostic or atheist beliefs.


The 401 Foundation recognises the positive value of diversity, promoting equality and fairness, and challenging discrimination. We are committed to ensuring that we treat all staff, volunteers and beneficiaries of our services with dignity and respect. We will not tolerate any form of harassment, victimisation or discriminatory behaviour. Support will be made available to challenge unwanted behaviours, through training and referral to senior staff. The 401 Foundation will keep its policies under review and will implement changes where these could improve equality of opportunity. This commitment applies to all The 401 Foundation's employment policies and procedures, not just those specifically connected with equal opportunities and diversity.


The 401 Foundation will create an inclusive culture and ensure that all our resources are available in a fully inclusive manner. 


We recognise that this policy is a work in progress and as our understanding develops and we refine our approach, we will need to continue to ask ourselves hard questions and go further as we strive to represent good practice within the charity sector.​

Legislation that informs this policy and cross-references to other 401 Foundation policies:


Several important Acts of Parliament were taken into account when this policy was produced. These include the following:




The 401 Board of Trustees in discussion with the CEO and Founder have overall responsibility for ensuring that the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy is up to date and that it meets the needs of all stakeholders.

To Beneficiaries: 


The 401 Foundation is committed to meeting the diverse needs of its beneficiaries. We will take steps to identify their needs and to develop projects, policies and procedures accordingly. We will ensure, as far as possible that beneficiaries:


  • Are able to access our applications and grants in a user-friendly manner.

  • Have their needs listened to, and met as far as possible.

  • Are given support that is relevant to their issues and situations.

  • Are treated fairly, with dignity and respect and without discrimination.

  • Are able to access our services in a fully inclusive manner. 


To Staff and Volunteers: 


We recognise the benefits of having a diverse workforce and will continually take steps to ensure that: 


  • We endeavour to recruit from the widest possible pool of qualified candidates.

  • Employment opportunities are open and accessible to all on the basis of their individual qualities and personal merit.

  • Where appropriate, positive action measures are taken to attract applicants from all sections of society and especially from those underrepresented in the workforce.

  • We operate a fully inclusive range of opportunities. 


Implementing the policy: 

We recognise the benefits of having a diverse workforce and will continually take steps to ensure that the responsibilities as outlined in our 'Responsibilities' section above are adhered to. Further employment equality guidance can be seen in other documentation including:


  • Employment Contract.

  • Disciplinary Policy.

  • Grievance Policy.


All staff and volunteers are expected to have read and understood this policy, to ensure that they behave in accordance with its principles and requirements, and to encourage the same level of behaviour in colleagues.


Monitoring and review: 


The 401 Foundation will treat seriously all complaints under this policy made by staff, volunteers, beneficiaries or other third parties and will take appropriate action. All complaints will be investigated in accordance with The 401 Foundation's Grievance, Complaints or Disciplinary procedures, as appropriate, and the complainant will be informed of the outcome in line with these procedures. The 401 Foundation does, however, encourage staff to resolve misunderstandings and problems informally wherever possible, depending on the circumstances. Whether dealt with informally or formally, it is important for staff who may have caused offence to understand that it is no defence to say that they did not intend to do so, or to blame individuals for being oversensitive. The impact of the behaviour rather than the intent should shape the solution found, both to the immediate problem and to preventing further similar issues in the future.

This policy will be reviewed every three years or more regularly if we identify any noncompliance or problem or in the light of emerging legislation or best practice that could impact on this policy. A report of the findings of the review, based on the data and other information collected and evaluated, will be presented to the Board of Trustees and the CEO, and appropriate action taken.


Last review date was May 2022.


Contact us:

  • If you have any questions regarding this policy you can email us at

  • If you would rather send us a letter, please send for attention of The 401 Foundation, 9 Biscay Drive, Portishead, North Somerset, BS20 7GY

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