Amy's 401 Journey

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I first met Ben in Newmillerdam in Wakefield during his 401 challenge, I went to just run 5km but some how in the excitement I ran my first half marathon, I then went on to run another 3 times with Ben including my first marathon and his very last marathon. When he explained to me why he was doing what he was doing I related to a lot of it so when he started the 401 foundation I knew straight away I had to fundraise for the foundation.

I decided to do my own challenge of running 1,401km over the year to help raise money for the foundation and in the end raised over £1,000. Because of Ben and The 401 challenge, the foundation and the running festivals I have met some wonderful friends and the new virtual challenge has kept me motivated during this very challenging year to keep moving and keep those miles up.

You can do anything to fundraise for the foundation and raise as much or as little as you wish, it all helps towards helping people with their mental health and self esteem and with this year been as it is this help is needed more and more.

Amy O'Connor

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