Fundraising Package

Fundraising Package

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The 401 Wellbeing Programme offers both physical and mental wellbeing features aimed at supporting young people, teachers and members of the wider school community as you adapt back into your school life.


This package is designed for schools that want to be part of our fundrasing effort and support Ben's mission to raise £500,000 for The 401 Foundation. Please refer to the 'What's included in your package' section below for further package details.

  • What's included in your package?

    Items included in The 401 Wellbeing Programme Fundraising Package include:


    • Entry and access to the Virtual USA School Mission for all school year groups
    • Access to all online Weekly Wellbeing Classes
    • Electornic USA Challenge bib numbers for all school year groups
    • Electornic US State Postcards everytime all year groups pass through a state capital
    • An A0 Route Map Board
    • An A0 Rewards Tracker Board
    • A0 Fundraing Tracker board with built in QR code
    • Sets of US State Flag stickers for all year groups
    • A range of posters to help bring the Virtual USA mission to life in your school community
    • USA Challenge Tracker Tools to help record and publish your year group miles
    • A Welcome Pack with full instructions on how the programme works
    • 24/7 support for the 401 Team via email, or phone (during office hours)


    Certain items may arrive at different times due to order timeframes, our team will keep you upto speed on when you will expect your items to be delivered.


    In additon to these standard items, as you hit the following fundraising milestones you will recieve additonal rewards:


    Fundrasing Milestone Amount Reward
    £250 Every young person gets a USA Challenge Passport
    £500 Every young person gets a USA Challenge badge
    £1,000 Each year group gets a set of five stage medals and medal rack
    £1,500 20 signed copies of The 401 Book
    £2,000 30 USA Challenge T-Shirts
    £3,000 25 Food and Drink Treat Boxes
    £4,000 An all expenses paid talk from Ben after The USA Challenge


    You will only recieve your rewards once your EtchRock fundraising page has confirmed you have reached each milestone. These will automatically be sent to your school address in the post.


    Further to this, you will become eligable to apply for certain grant amounts as you acheive your fundrasing milestones. You will have the ability to become eligable for up to £1000 in grant funding from The 401 Foundation to be spent on developing mental health projects in your school. Here are your levels:


    Fundrasing Milestone Amount Eligable Grant Amount
    £250 £37.50
    £500 £75.00
    £1,000 £150.00
    £1,500 £225.00
    £2,000 £300.00
    £3,000 £450.00
    £4,000 £600.00
    £5,000 £1,000.00


    This will be worked out after the USA Challenge has finished and your EtchRock fundrasing page has closed. You will be sent an additonal grant application form to complete, this will inform of us how you will spend the money in your school. You will be required to complete a small case study on how the funds were spent so we can provide this information to our donors.


    Any questions please email us at, one of our team will be more than happy to help.


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