Imagine a world were at the click of a button you can see and access all the mental health support available to you in your local area.


The challenge many people face when it comes to mental health support is not knowing what's out there to help when they need it the most. At a time where you feel lost, alone and overwhelmed, finding the energy or knowing where to start looking just seems impossible.


With demand on already stretched national mental health services growing every day, we want to solve this challenge, finding alternatives personalised to how you feel, that are local to you will be able to help you get the support you need, in the way you want it, when we need it the most.

We started developing our Wellness App in 2019 and with the help of The USA Challenge we will be able to move our development into the next phase, aiming to launch in the near future.


Our app will intially have three main support functions




Our app is a signposting tool, we do not create our own programmes or resources, we are simply aiming to show you what's available in you local area to support you with your mental health.

You will be able to access a list of programmes, initiatives, professionals, materials and so much more that is local to you by simply typing in your postcode. This will give you a chance to see what's out there and it's up to you which, if any, you choose to interact with.



You will be able to make a donation to The 401 Foundation and this will be allocated to one of 96 UK grant pots, each based on the county you live in. A portion of your donation will go to support the operational running of The 401 Foundation. 

Your donation will then be used to fund a community initiative local to you, ensuring your donation is put back into making positive changes to your community.

We have some exciting developments with the app that we will share once the app is launched that will help you see exactly where you money has gone, how it's being used and the impact you personally are having so watch this space.


Local community initiatives whose purpose is to help build confidence, self esteem and bring about positive changes to mental health support in local communities will be able to quickly and easily apply for a grant through our Wellness App.

Over the coming months we will share with you how we plan to not only manage our grant application process and impact reporting, but also how we plan to build a network of support around each and every initiative that successfully applies for one of our grants, ensuring they can grow, become sustainable and continue to make a positive impact in their community.



In 2025 we will begin building a Wellness Network of 200 voluntary ambassadors that will cover all 96 counties of the UK and Northern Ireland.


Our Wellness Network will be our boots on the ground, a way in which we can build the awareness of The 401 Foundation and stay up to date with current challenges people in communities around the UK are facing.


Our ambassadors will work closely with local initiatives that apply for grants from us whether that's as part of the application process or once they are successful. They will be the main contact for any donors and fundraisers and will be able to answer any questions people in their community may have about The 401 Foundation.

As we explore the role of our ambassadors further over the course of the next few years, would you like to be part of the discussion, help us create the role, work out the best way to support local community initiatives, helping them to grow and become sustainable? Maybe even become one of our future ambassadors when the time comes?



Our ambition is to create 20 Wellness Hubs across major cities and towns all around the UK including Northern Ireland.

These hubs will be centres that local community initiatives can utilise to promote what they do, grow and become sustainable through our network of support the centres will create around them.

There will be many other aspects to these hubs and we will share more information over the coming years with you as we develop this part of our strategy further.