About the 401 Foundation

“To provide grants of between £3000 to £5000 to small grass root organisations and individuals that build confidence and self esteem whilst tackling mental health and self development issues”


The 401 Foundation has been founded and created by Ben Smith.

After completing The 401 Challenge; a multi award winning project that raised over £330,000 for two anti bullying charities between 2015 and 2017, many people, Ben included felt that The 401 Challenge needed a legacy, this is The 401 Foundation.

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Our events

“Want to support The 401 Foundation?

Check out our list of fun, flexible and family friendly events with all proceeds going to The 401 Foundation”

The 401 Foundation Ltd is responsible for a number of fun, flexible and family friendly events which can and will be found in every one of the 97 counties of the UK over the next 5 years. We will offer a wide range of events for all abilities and all levels with creative merchandising and there is always a reward, we think our medals are great!

The difference with a 401 Foundation event is we offer them both LIVE and VIRTUAL. What do we mean by this and how does this benefit you?


The 401 Festival of Running

The first of many events brought to you by The 401 Foundation Ltd

Sign up to either our LIVE event or do it VIRTUALLY anywhere in the world. Our aim is to bring together people of all different running abilities and ages to challenge themselves to achieve something they never thought they could.

ALL PROFITS from both events go towards supporting The 401 Foundation in its efforts to work with grassroot projects throughout the UK, building confidence and self esteem and tackling mental health and self development issues.

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Our partners

For The 401 Foundation to be a success we work with a number of different partners from many different industries.

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Meet the 401 Foundation Board

Ben Smith

CEO and Founder of The 401 Foundation

Shaun Tymon


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